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Today I’ll be showing you how you can set up your iPad so that it becomes your development environment. Although I do not recommend that you carry out very big projects on it, I can say for sure that small projects can easily be carried out. You can keep testing the limits of your environment on your own.

To get started we’ll be using a free application on the App Store that is available for both iPhone and iPad. The app's name is iSH shell and it runs Linux. …

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Hello Everyone! Today we’re going to be learning the basics of SQL. So to get started, we’ll be installing an application called ‘DB Browser SQLite’. SQLite is just another form of SQL. Some other examples are ‘MySQL’, ‘postgresql’, and etc. Click on this link. Download the Standard MSI installer if you are on windows.

Hello everyone! Today we’ll be learning about another module that is very useful for web scraping. My first blog had been about the basics of selenium with Python 3. This blog will be about the basics of another module called Beautiful Soup, which is used with selenium for web scraping. Before continuing, I also suggest that you go through the basics of HTML.

We start by creating our project directory. I will open my command prompt, go to the folder where I store all my projects, create a new folder called “bs4_tut”, and then go into that directory.

Suppose you…

Hello everyone! In today’s tutorial, we’ll be learning how to send automated messages using python. To start, let us create a virtual environment like we did last time. Let us open the terminal/command prompt and change directories (cd), to the folder where we want to store our project files, for example, my desktop folder. We’ll make a new directory (mkdir), called auto_sms like so:

cd Desktop
mkdir auto_sms

In my last tutorial of web scraping using selenium, we installed a module called virtualenv, so you can check it out, however it is not necessary to use virtual environments. …

In today’s blog, we will be learning how to write a web scraper using selenium. Web scraping is searching through the web to find the information you need or automate some web task. You will require basic terminal knowledge, only commands’ cd’ and ‘mkdir’ are required. Pip and python3 should also be installed

One of the modules for web scraping in python3 is selenium.

To start, we will install a module called virtualenv, which creates a virtual environment in your computer, although it’s not necessary to do so, since you can simply:

pip3 install selenium

To work with selenium. But…

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I am a high school student and an aspiring software developer. In my free time, I post programming tutorials over here.

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